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Plot observed genotypes, flagging likely errors


Plot the genotypes on a particular chromosome for a set of individuals, flagging likely errors.


plot.geno(x, chr, ind, horizontal=FALSE, cutoff=3.5,
          min.sep=2, cex=1.2, ...) 


x An object of class cross. See read.cross for details.
chr Chromosome number to plot.
ind Vector of individuals to plot. If missing, all individuals are plotted.
horizontal If TRUE, chromosomes are plotted horizontally.
cutoff Genotypes with error LOD scores above this value are flagged as possible errors.
min.sep Markers separated by less than this value (as a percent of the chromosome length) are pulled apart, so that they may be distinguished in the picture.
cex Character expansion for the size of points in the plot. Larger numbers give larger points; see par.
... Ignored at this point.


Plots the genotypes for a set of individuals. Likely errors are indicated by red squares. In a backcross, genotypes AA and AB are indicated by white and black circles, respectively. In an intercross, genotypes AA, AB and BB are indicated by white, gray, and black circles, respectively, and the partially missing genotypes ``not BB'' (D in mapmaker) and ``not AA'' (C in mapmaker) are indicated by green and orange circles, respectively.




Karl W Broman,

See Also

calc.errorlod, plot.errorlod, top.errorlod, image



# run calc.genoprob, then calc.errorlod; use same error.prob
hyper <- calc.genoprob(hyper,error.prob=0.01)
hyper <- calc.errorlod(hyper,error.prob=0.01)

# plot the error LOD scores; print those above a specified cutoff 

# plot genotype data, flagging genotypes with error LOD > cutoff
plot.geno(hyper, chr=1, ind=160:200, cutoff=7, min.sep=2)

# Note that if markers are extremely tightly linked,
#     any recombination event will have a high error LOD
plot.geno(hyper, chr=1, ind=101:118, min.sep=2)

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