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Plot genetic map


Plot genetic map of marker locations for all chromosomes.

Usage, map2, horizontal=FALSE, ...)


x A list whose components are vectors of marker locations. A cross object may be given instead, in which case the genetic map it contains is used.
map2 An optional second genetic map with the same number of chromosomes and markers as the first. As with the first argument, a cross object may be given instead. If this argument is given, a comparison of the two genetic maps is plotted.
horizontal Specifies whether the chromosomes should be plotted horizontally.
... Ignored at this point.


Plots the genetic map for each chromosome, or a comparison of the genetic maps if two maps are given.

For a sex-specific map, female and male maps are plotted against one another. For two sex-specific maps, female maps and male maps are plotted against one another.




Karl W Broman,

See Also, plot.cross


newmap <-
plot(newmap), newmap)

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