repeated {repeated}R Documentation

Non-normal Repeated Measurements Library


binnest Binary Random Effects Model with Two Levels of Nesting

biv.betab Bivariate Beta-binomial Regression

biv.binom Marginal Bivariate Binomial Regression

capture Capture-recapture Model

catmiss Marginal Probabilities for Categorical Repeated Measures with Missing Data

chidden Continuous-Time Hidden Markov Chain Models

cmcre Continuous-time Two-state Markov Process with Random Effect

cphidden Changepoint Location using a Continuous-time Two-state Hidden Markov Chain

gar Generalized Autoregression

gausscop Multivariate Gaussian Copula with Arbitrary Marginals

gnlmix Generalized Nonlinear Regression with a Random Parameter

glmm Generalized Linear Mixed Models

gnlmm Generalized Nonlinear Mixed Models

gnlmm3 Generalized Nonlinear Mixed Models for Three-parameter Distributions

hidden Discrete-Time Hidden Markov Chain Models

hnlmix Generalized Nonlinear Regression using h-likelihood for a Random Parameter

kalcount Generalized Repeated Measurements Models for Counts

kalseries Generalized Repeated Measurements Models for Continuous Variables

logitord Ordinal Random Effects Models with Dropouts

marg.hom Marginal Homogeneity Model

nbkal Negative Binomial Model with Kalman Update

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