loadDepends {reposTools}R Documentation

A function to load package/vignette dependencies


Given a package or a vignette, will determine any dependencies and load the required packages - as well as alerting the user to any unresolved dependencies.


loadDepends(x, force = FALSE, recursive = TRUE, local = TRUE)


x The object to check
force If TRUE, will continue even if not all dependencies are installed
recursive Whether or not to look at indirect dependencies
local Whether or not to only search locally or to use the internet to find unresolved dependencies


This function will first determine if the object is an installed package or a vignette. In either case, it will extract a listing of all dependencies (both the names and any versioning requirements). If not all of the dependencies are met, the function will halt with an error and report which packages were not met - unless the force option is set to TRUE. Otherwise, all of the installed dependencies will be loaded.


A character vector listing the loaded packages. If there were no installed dependencies to load, an empty vector is returned.


Jeff Gentry


## Using 'local==TRUE' in case the user doesn't have an internet
## connection available. 
   loadDepends("reposTools", local=TRUE)

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