parseThemesXML {reposTools}R Documentation

A function to read repository theme XML


This function will read in a repository theme XML file and output a RDA file with a list of reposTheme objects specifying the themes for a repository.


parseThemesXML(repTXML = "repThemes.xml", repTrda = "repThemes.rda", repDrda = "repdatadesc.rda")


repTXML Filename of the input XML file.
repTrda Filename of the output RDA file.
repDrda Filename of the repdatadesc file for this repository.


This function is used by genRepos to convert the repThemes.xml file which specifies any repository themes in XML format into a list of reposTheme objects and stores them in a file named repThemes.rda.

The repdatadesc.rda file must be used for cases where there is no package version specified for a package in a theme - in which case, parseThemesXML will determine the highest version of that package in the repository and use that for the package version of the theme.


Jeff Gentry

See Also

themes, reposTheme-class, genRepos


   ## Using non-default filenames solely for this example
   exXMLfile <- system.file(file.path("themes", "repThemes.xml"),
   exDDfile <- system.file(file.path("themes", "repdatadesc.rda"),
   exOutfile <- tempfile()

   parseThemesXML(repTXML=exXMLfile, repTrda=exOutfile, repDrda=exDDfile)

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