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A function to check for dependency breakages


Given a particular package, will check to insure that no dependencies are being broken if this package were to be changed (newer version installed, package removed, etc).


resolve.depends(pkg, repEntry, force = FALSE, forward = TRUE, lib =
                 reposToolsLibPaths()[1], remove = FALSE, depends = TRUE,
                 suggests = TRUE, imports = TRUE, searchOptions = TRUE,
                 getAllDeps = FALSE, versForce = TRUE, method =
                 "auto", getNewest = FALSE, develOK=FALSE, curRepList=NULL)


pkg A pkgInfo object describing the package
repEntry The ReposEntry object the package is coming from
force Logical, if force==TRUE, will only warn the user of dependencies, instead of stoping
forward Whether to check for and attempt to aquire any dependencies this package might have that are not already installed
lib Library that the original package is in
remove Logical to flag if the user is seeking to remove pkg
depends Whether to stop on unresolved depends level dependencies
suggests Whether to stop on unresolved suggests level dependencies
imports Whether to stop on unresolved imports level dependencies
searchOptions Corresponds with the searchOptions argument to update.packages2 - used if downloading a package due to forward=TRUE
getAllDeps Will automatically download all dependencies if TRUE, otherwise will prompt the user
versForce Whether or not to override R version checking on binary packages
method What download method to use if any packages are downloaded and installed. See the same parameter for install.packages2
getNewest Passed down to any install.packages2() call internally
develOK If any packages are needed to be downloaded, if it is okay to get packages of devel release level
curRepList The current list of repositories being used by the installation functions, used to search for any dependencies.


Will look for a local library listing file in every library specified by libs. If one exists, will check packages in that R library to see if the desired action would break any dependency links. For instance, if package X depends on package Y version 2, and the user is looking to upgrade package Y to version 3 - or if the user wants to remove package Y altogether.

By default, the system will stop for any unresolved depends and suggests level dependencies, but only throw a warning on any imports level dependencies. These can be toggled by the user.

If force == TRUE, only warnings will be given.


Jeff Gentry

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