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Repository Themes


Repository themes allow a repository maintainer to specify a set of packages within their repository that can be downloaded as a collection by other users. Clients using reposTools can specify one of these themes to their installation calls, acquiring the particular set of packages listed as being part of the theme.

Basic Information

The purpose of repository themes is to allow various subsets of a repository's packages to be downloaded easily and conveniently. As the size of a repository grows, there are likely to be small collections of packages which have a logical connection to each other which users will often want to download together, but it can become unwieldy to do so using install.packages2 in the traditional manner. By specifying a theme, all the desired packages can be downloaded quickly and easily.

Themes have a basic structure, which is modeled by the class reposTheme-class. Every theme has a name to reference it by, a description, information about the repository it is a part of, as well as a list of pkgInfo objects defining the packages that are included in the theme. This definition is then written in a XML file by the repository maintainer (or using the XML authoring function writeThemesXML) which is in turn read in by the genRepos function during repository generation to create a repository infrastructure file named reposThemes.rda that allows client functions to see which themes are available from a repository.

For the client side user, if one uses the theme argument to install.packages2, then reposTools will seek out the specified theme(s) in the set of repositories it is instructed to look at and download any packages being marked as being part of that theme.

XML structure

The repository theme information is contained in an XML file written by the repository maintainer (or writeThemesXML) called repThemes.xml. The XML structure for a set of repository themes is defined as follows.

The repositoryThemes tag defines the primary XML block that is specifying the themes for a particular repository. Since every repThemes.xml file corresponds to a particular repository, there should only be one of these blocks per file, and it should contain all other XML information.

Every individual theme is contained in a theme tag block. Every theme for this particular repository needs to be defined as a theme block.

Within every theme are four main subblocks: The themeName tag block specifies the name of the theme, the themeDesc tag provides for a description of this theme, the themeRepos tag specifies the URL of the repository this theme belongs to and the themePackages tag block specifies what packages are contained within that theme.

Inside of the themePackages tag block are a series of package tag blocks, one for every package in the theme.

The package blocks contain one or two tags each. Every package block has a packageName tag block specifying the name of the package, and there is an optional packageVersion tag which allows the maintainer to specify a particular version of that package.

An example of a three package theme is below. Two of the packages have versions specified, and one does not.

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
         <themeDesc>This is a small test theme</themeDesc>


Jeff Gentry

See Also

writeThemesXML, install.packages2, pkgInfo, genRepos


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