untgz {reposTools}R Documentation

Create a connection to a .tar.gz file


Return a connection to the contents of filename within the .tar.gz archive given in description.

If checkExists, stop if filename isn't in the archive. This requires reading a list of the entire archive contents.

The idea is to provide a .tar.gz equivalent to the unz() built-in.


untgz(description, filename, open = "", checkExists = TRUE)


description The filename of the .tar.gz
filename The filename of the file in the .tar.gz archive that you want to access.
open The returned connection will have use this value
checkExists If TRUE, then a raise an error if filename is not found in description. Otherwise, you'll just get such a message as the supposed contents of the file. This costs an extra file open and read.


A connection to the contents of the specified file within the archive.


S. Falcon

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