winConvertSourceRepos {reposTools}R Documentation

A function to convert source repositories to Win32 repositories


This function will take source packages from a repository, convert them into Win32 binary packages.


winConvertSourceRepos(repEntry, pkgs, destDir, recurse = TRUE,
searchOptions = TRUE, errorLog, origFileDir)


repEntry A repository URL to convert
pkgs A set of packages to convert
destDir Where to store the converted packages
recurse Whether to convert any sub-repositories. Default is TRUE
searchOptions Whether to search the repositories listed in options("repositories") for packages as well. Default is TRUE.
errorLog An optional parameter specifying an output file for errors generated by this function
origFileDir An optional parameter specifying where to store the source versions of the packages - if this is not specified, the system will store them in a temporary directory which will be removed at the end.


The user must specify at least one of repEntry or pkgs. If only the former is supplied, all packages from that repository will be converted. If only the latter is supplied, then searchOptions must be TRUE and repositories listed in the user's options will be searched. If both are used, then only the specified packages are converted from the specified repository.

The system will convert the packages into a Win32 binary package, which is then suitable to be turned into a repository with genRepos.


Jeff Gentry

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