writeThemesXML {reposTools}R Documentation

A function to author repository theme XML files


This function is used to generate XML files for use with repository themes.


writeThemesXML(themeList, repTXML = "repThemes.xml")


themeList A list describing the set of themes for a repository.
repTXML The XML output filename, defaults to repThemes.xml.


The themeList argument specifies the themes for a repository. The names of the elements correspond to the theme names, and the values of each element detail the structure of the theme. Each element is another list which itself has three elements: Description, Repository and Packages. The Description element is a character string describing the theme, and the Repository element is another character string giving the URL of the repository that this theme belongs to. The Packages element is a third list with elements which are either pkgInfo objects or package names.

Specifying a pkgInfo object as an entry is useful if the repository maintainer wishes to use a particular version of a package in their theme. It a simple package name is given, then the highest version of that particular package in the repository is the one that is used.


An XML file, name specified by repTXML, which contains a description of the repository themes specified by themeList.


Jeff Gentry

See Also

repositoryThemes, reposTheme-class, pkgInfo


   z <- list(Theme1=list(Description="One simple test",
                         Packages=list("Biobase", "Ruuid", "ROC", "geneplotter")),
             Theme2=list(Description="Another simple test",
                         Packages=list(buildPkgInfo("annotate", "1.3.0"),
                         "genefilter", buildPkgInfo("affy", "1.3.0"))))
   ## Using tempfile() instead of default filename for example
   writeThemesXML(z, tempfile())

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