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Laplace Distribution


These functions provide information about the Laplace distribution with location parameter equal to m and dispersion equal to s: density, cumulative distribution, quantiles, log hazard, and random generation.

The Laplace distribution has density

f(y) = exp(-abs(y-m)/s)/(2*s)

where m is the location parameter of the distribution and s is the dispersion.


dlaplace(y, m=0, s=1, log=FALSE)
plaplace(q, m=0, s=1)
qlaplace(p, m=0, s=1)
hlaplace(y, m=0, s=1)
rlaplace(n, m=0, s=1)


y vector of responses.
q vector of quantiles.
p vector of probabilities
n number of values to generate
m vector of location parameters.
s vector of dispersion parameters.
log if TRUE, log probabilities are supplied.


J.K. Lindsey

See Also

dexp for the exponential distribution and dcauchy for the Cauchy distribution.


dlaplace(5, 2, 1)
plaplace(5, 2, 1)
qlaplace(0.95, 2, 1)
rlaplace(10, 2, 1)

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