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Read a List of Matrices from a File for Repeated Times to Events


read.surv reads sets of lines of data from a file. Each set may contain a series of duration times followed by a censor indicator for the last value (all=FALSE) or a series of pairs of times followed by their censor indicators (all=TRUE).


read.surv(file="", skip=0, nlines=1, cumulative=T, all=T)


file Name of the file to read
skip Number of lines to skip at the beginning of the file
nlines Number of lines in each series of duration times
cumulative If TRUE, the times are cumulative and differences are taken to obtain times between events. Otherwise, the times are used unchanged.
all If TRUE, all times have accompanying censor indicators; otherwise, only the last one does.


A list containing a list of vectors with the series of times and a vector of censor indicators for the last time of each series is returned.


J.K. Lindsey

See Also

lvna, read.list, read.rep, restovec, rmna


## Not run: y <- read.surv("test.dat")

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