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Mean-Variance Plot for an Rpart Object


Creates a plot on the current graphics device of the deviance of the node divided by the number of observations at the node. Also returns the node number.


meanvar(tree, ...)

## S3 method for class 'rpart':
meanvar(tree, xlab="ave(y)", ylab="ave(deviance)", ...)


tree fitted model object of class rpart. This is asumed to be the result of some function that produces an object with the same named components as that returned by the rpart function.
xlab x-axis label for the plot.
ylab y-axis label for the plot.
... additional graphical parameters may be supplied as arguments to this function.


an invisible list containing the following vectors is returned.

x fitted value at terminal nodes (yval).
y deviance of node divided by number of observations at node.
label node number.

Side Effects

a plot is put on the current graphics device.

See Also


Examples <- rpart(Mileage ~ Weight, car.test.frame)
meanvar(, log='xy')

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