prune.rpart {rpart}R Documentation

Cost-complexity Pruning of an Rpart Object


Determines a nested sequence of subtrees of the supplied rpart object by recursively snipping off the least important splits, based on the complexity parameter (cp).


prune(tree, ...)

## S3 method for class 'rpart':
prune(tree, cp, ...)


tree fitted model object of class rpart. This is assumed to be the result of some function that produces an object with the same named components as that returned by the rpart function.
cp Complexity parameter to which the rpart object will be trimmed.
... further arguments passed to or from other methods.


A new rpart object that is trimmed to the value cp.

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Examples <- rpart(Mileage ~ Weight, car.test.frame)
zp <- prune(, cp=0.1)
plot(zp) #plot smaller rpart object

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