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Place Text on a Dendrogram


Labels the current plot of the tree dendrogram with text.


## S3 method for class 'rpart':
text(x, splits=TRUE, label="yval", FUN=text, all=FALSE,
     pretty=NULL, digits=getOption("digits") - 3, use.n=FALSE,
     fancy=FALSE, fwidth=0.8, fheight=0.8, ...)


x fitted model object of class rpart. This is assumed to be the result of some function that produces an object with the same named components as that returned by the rpart function.
splits logical flag. If TRUE (default), then the splits in the tree are labeled with the criterion for the split.
label a column name of x$frame; values of this will label the nodes. For the "class" method, label="yval" results in the factor levels being used, "yprob" results in the probability of the winning factor level being used, and ‘specific yval level’ results in the probability of that factor level.
FUN the name of a labeling function, e.g. text.
all Logical. If TRUE, all nodes are labeled, otherwise just terminal nodes.
pretty an integer denoting the extent to which factor levels in split labels will be abbreviated. A value of (0) signifies no abbreviation. A NULL, the default, signifies using elements of letters to represent the different factor levels.
digits number of significant digits to include in numerical labels.
use.n Logical. If TRUE, adds to label (#events level1/ #events level2/etc. for class, n for anova, and #events/n for poisson and exp).
fancy Logical. If TRUE, nodes are represented by ellipses (interior nodes) and rectangles (leaves) and labeled by yval. The edges connecting the nodes are labeled by left and right splits.
fwidth Relates to option fancy and the width of the ellipses and rectangles. If fwidth < 1 then it is a scaling factor (default = 0.8). If fwidth > 1 then it representes the number of character widths (for current graphical device) to use.
fheight Relates to option fancy and the height of the ellipses and rectangles. If fheight <1 then it is a scaling factor (default = 0.8). If fheight > 1 then it represents the number of character heights (for current graphical device) to use.
... Graphical parameters may also be supplied as arguments to this function (see par). As labels often extend outside the plot region it can be helpful to specify xpd = TRUE.

Side Effects

the current plot of a tree dendrogram is labeled.

See Also

text, plot.rpart, rpart, post.rpart, abbreviate


freen.tr <- rpart(y ~ ., freeny)
text(freen.tr, use.n=TRUE, all=TRUE)

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