SAM and Efron's empirical Bayes approaches

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Documentation for package `siggenes' version 1.4.0

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Help Pages

args.sam Help files or argument list for SAM-specific methods
delta.plot Delta Plots
ebam Empirical Bayes Analysis of Microarrays
ebam.wilc Empirical Bayes Analysis using Wilcoxon Rank Sums
find.a0 Computation of the Fudge Factor
fudge2 Fudge Factor
help.sam Help files or argument list for SAM-specific methods
identify,SAM-method Class SAM
link.genes Links for a list of genes
link.siggenes Links for a SAM object
list.siggenes List of the significant genes
na.handling Handling of Missing Values
na.replace.cont Replacing of Missing Values in Continuous Data
na.replace.dist Handling of Missing Values in Categorical Data
pi0.est Estimation of the prior probability
plot,SAM-method Class SAM
plotArguments SAM Plot
print,SAM-method Class SAM
print,sumSAM-method Class sumSAM Computation of the q-value
sam Significance Analysis of Microarray
SAM-class Class SAM
sam.dstat SAM Analysis Using a Modified t-statistic
sam.plot2 SAM Plot
sam.snp SAM Analysis for Categorical Data
sam.wilc SAM Analysis Using Wilcoxon Rank Statistics
sam2excel CSV file of a SAM object
sam2html HTML page for a SAM object
show,SAM-method Class SAM
show,sumSAM-method Class sumSAM
summary,SAM-method Class SAM
sumSAM-class Class sumSAM