id2image {sma}R Documentation

Converting an id tag to a Set of Image Coordinates and Vice Versa


The function id2image converts an id tag of a gene supplied by a user into a set of image coordinates regarding the location of the gene being considered. Conversion of image coordinates to an id tag is performed by image2id.


id2image(X, layout)
image2id(x, layout)


X an integer value representing the id of a particular gene
x a vector of 4 integer elements which make up the image coordinates of the gene.


The image coordinates of a gene correspond to the gene's grid row and grid column position within a slide, and the gene's row and column position within a grid.


id2image returns a vector of 4 integer elements which is the set of image coordinates. image2id returns an integer value which is the gene's id tag.


Yee Hwa Yang,

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# mouse.setup <- init.grid()

id2image(1024, mouse.setup)
## You will see: [1]  1 3 11 16
## the grid in which gene 1024 can be found, is in row 1, column 3
## and the gene is located in row 11, column 16 of this particular grid.
image2id(c(2,4,6,8), mouse.setup)
## You will see: [1] 2906
## the gene located in row 6, column 8 in the grid that is in row 2 and
## column 4 is the 2906th gene of the data set.  

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