init.addinfo {sma}R Documentation

Adding Information to a Data Structure for Multi-slide Microarray Experiments


Interactive function which adds other information generated from the output of image analysis software for microarrays to the existing data structure created using


init.addinfo(batch, attri, dataname=NULL, ...)


batch Character string, this refers to the name of a collection of experiments.
attri Character string, the name of the information to be included in the data structure. For example, from the output of tt{Spot}, this argument can be "area", "signal to noise" etc. In other words, these are the column headings from the raw data set.
dataname A name of your experimental data. By default it's named "batch.exp" where batch is the name of the collection of experiments you are interested in.
... Other arguments


List containing the following component:

R contains the raw red intensities, R.
G contains the raw green intensities, G.
Rb contains the background red intensities, Rb.
Gb contains the background green intensities, Gb.

as well as information from other users selected columns information.


The code in the example is not directly executable as it draws upon a particular set of data. This data may be downloaded from and when loaded appropriately into the user's directory, this example should be executable in its current form.


Yee Hwa Yang,
Natalie Roberts


## <- init.addinfo("mouse", "area")

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