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Reads the Output of the Computed Statistics


Function displays the 30 measurements computed by the program Spot for each gene in the slide being considered.

Usage, imageid, sep="\t", header=TRUE, ...)


batch batch name of the experiment
imageid integer value; the index of the slide which is considered
sep the field separator character; the columns of the file will be separated by this character.
header a logical value indicating whether the file contains the names of the variables as its first line.
... graphical parameters may also be supplied as arguments to the function (see par).


A matrix containing the 30 columns of computed measurements, corresponding to the rows of different genes in the specified slide.
Details regarding these measurements can be found at


The code in the example is not directly executable as it draws upon a particular set of data. This data may be downloaded from and when loaded appropriately into the user's directory, this example should be executable in its current form.


Yee Hwa Yang,


Spot manual


## <-"apoa1", 1) ## obtains the matrix
## of 30 measurements for all the genes spotted on slide 1 of the MouseArray
## experiment.

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