plot.qq {sma}R Documentation

Histogram and Normal Quantile-Quantile plot


Produces a histogram and a normal Quantile-Quantile plot of the data. The points corresponding to genes with statistics less/greater than a user defined threshold are highlighted. The histogram and Q-Q plots are displayed on the same page.


plot.qq(x, name, low=-5, high=5,...)


x a numeric vector containing the statistics whose histogram and Q-Q plot will be produced. Missing values (NAs) are allowed.
name title for the plots.
low lower threshold: points with statistic < low are colored in green.
high upper threshold: points with statistic > high are colored in red.
... additional graphical parameters


Sandrine Dudoit,
Yee Hwa Yang,


Chambers, J. M., Cleveland, W. S., Kleiner, B. and Tukey, P. A. (1983). Graphical Methods for Data Analysis. Wadsworth, Belmont, California.

Hoaglin, D. C., Mosteller, F. and Tukey, J. W., editors (1983). Understanding Robust and Exploratory Data Analysis. Wiley, New York.

See Also

plot.spatial, plot.t2, stat.t2, hist, qqnorm.


## mouse.setup <- init.grid()
## <- ## see \emph{}
## mouse.lratio <-, mouse.setup)

## Calculation of t-statistics
## cl <- c(rep(1,3), rep(2,3))
## mouse.t2 <- stat.t2(mouse.lratio, cl)

## Diagnostic plots
plot.qq(mouse.t2$t, "Mouse")

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