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M vs. A Plot


For a single slide, this function produces a scatter plot of log intensity ratios M = log_2(R/G) versus average log intensities A = log_2(R*G)/2, where R and G represent the fluorescence intensities in the red and green channels respectively, with the addition of coloured lines indicating the cutoffs given by each of the three single slide methods.




x A list with at least 4 elements. Each element of the list being a matrix with p rows for p genes and n columns for n slides. The first element 'R' contains the raw red intensities, the second element 'G' contains the raw green intensities, the third element 'Rb' contains the background red intensities and the 4th element 'Gb' contains the background green intensities. This data structure can be generated by an interactive function
layout a list specifying the dimensions of the spot matrix and the grid matrix. This can be generated by calling init.grid.
norm character string, one of "n", "m", "l", "p" or "s". This argument specifies the type of normalization method to be performed: "n" no normalization between the 2 channels; "m" median normalization, which sets the median of log intensity ratios to zero; "l" global lowess normalization; "p" print-tip group lowess normalization and "s" scaled print-tip group lowess normalization. integer value; the index of the slide which is considered.
... additional graphical parameters


Plots an M vs A plot with results from each of the three single slide methods, the methods of Newton, Sapir-Churchill and Chen, indicated by colored lines. Solid black lines correspond to Newtons method at 1:1, 1:10 and 1:100 log odds, note that the points are colored red and green depending on where they fall according to this method. Dashed lines are Chens method at the 95% and 99% confidence levels. Dotted lines are Sapir-Churchil method at 95% and 99% posterior probabilites.


A plot is created on the current graphics device. The plot is an M vs A plot with lines indicating cuttoff for the three single slide methods


Ben Bolstad,

See Also

stat.Chen, stat.ChurSap, stat.Chen


# mouse.setup <- init.grid()
# <- ## see \emph{}
plot.single.slide(, mouse.setup, norm="p",

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