plot.svb {sma}R Documentation

Plot of Signal vs. Background


Produces a scatter plot of background corrected signal intensities and background intensities.


plot.svb(x, channel="R",, S.isbgcor=FALSE, ...)


x a numeric list of signal and background intensities, can be raw or background corrected data.
channel the specific channel to which the intensities to be considered, correspond to, that is, either red or green. The default channel is red. integer value; the index of the slide which is considered
S.isbgcor logical flag, equal to TRUE if the signal intensities in x contain background corrected signal intensities instead of raw signal intensities. By default this is set to FALSE.
... graphical parameters may also be supplied as arguments to the function (see par).


a plot is created on the current graphics device.


Yee Hwa Yang,
Sandrine Dudoit,
Jessica Mar

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# mouse.setup <- init.grid()
# <- ## see \emph{}

plot.svb(, "green", 3) 
## thiscreates a plot of the signal versus background intensities 
## for the green channel, using data collected from the third slide. 

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