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Diagnostic Plots for Two-Sample t-statistics


Plots of two-sample t-statistics, |t-numerator| and t-denominator against average A, and plot of |t-numerator| against t-denominator. For each spot on a given slide, A = log_2(R*G)/2, where (R,G) denotes the red and green fluorescence intensity pair. Points with t-statistics exceeding user defined thresholds are highlighted.


plot.t2(x, main.title="T plots", low=-5, high=5,...)


x output from the function stat.t2.
main.title title for the plot.
low lower threshold for t-statistic: points with t<low are colored in green.
high upper threshold for t-statistic: points with t>high are colored in red.
... additional graphical parameters


Sandrine Dudoit,
Yee Hwa Yang,

See Also

stat.t2, t2stat.func, plot, t.test.


# mouse.setup <- init.grid()
# <- ## see \emph{}
# mouse.lratio <-, mouse.setup)

## Calculation of t-statistics
## cl <- c(rep(1,3), rep(2,3))
## mouse.t2 <- stat.t2(mouse.lratio, cl)

## Diagnostic plots
plot.t2(mouse.t2, "Mouse")

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