stam.graph.plot {stam}R Documentation

Draw StAM Model Fit Graph


This function uses graphviz to layout a graph plot of a model fit. In addition a client side clickable map is returned to added to an HTML page.


stam.graph.plot(x, outfile = "", pointsize = 10, 
                width = 9, height = 6)


x the stamFit object holding the model to be drawn
outfile name of output file without extension.
pointsize the standard font size
width width of plot in inches
height height of plot in inches


This function generates a file in the dot language for graphviz. It uses the dot program to produce the layout of the graph and png as well as postscript files of this layout. Moreover, a client-side clickable map is generated which can be included in an HTML page.


A character string containing HTNL code for a clickable map.


Claudio Lottaz


Gansner ER, North SC. "An open graph visualization system and its applications to software engineering". Software Practice and Experience, 1999, pp. 1–5.

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