stam.writeHTML {stam}R Documentation

Write StAM Output in HTML


Write HTML output for various pieces of a structured analysis of microarray data for further interactive exploration.


stam.writeHTML(x, title = NULL, align = "left", 
               outfile = "index.html", nonodes = FALSE, ...)


x the piece of the analysis for which HTML is to be generated. It may be of any of the following classes: stamNode, stamNet, stamCV, stamFit, stamPrediction or stamEval
title the title to be used on the generated main page. A default is generated according to a few important parameters of x
align alignment of the tatle (left, right, center)
outfile the file where to store the generated HTML code unless x is of class stamEval. In the latter case, outfile is a directory where the the collection of files is stored.
nonodes whether to generate (poxxibly lengthy) output for all nodes
... further arguments passed to writeHTML calls.


Use this function to generate HTML pages for further investigation of StAM results. The pages are interlinked and contain links to external resources such as the Gene Ontology and the Affymetrix website. Clickable maps are generated for the illustration of the model fit as well as the molecular symptoms image.


Claudio Lottaz



stam.writeHTML(, nonodes=TRUE)

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