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Deprecated Functions in statmod Package


These functions are provided for compatibility with older versions of R only, and may be defunct as soon as the next release.


randomizedBlock(formula, random, weights=NULL, only.varcomp=FALSE, data=list(), subset=NULL, contrasts=NULL, tol=1e-6, maxit=50, trace=FALSE)
randomizedBlockFit(y, X, Z, w=NULL, only.varcomp=FALSE, tol=1e-6, maxit=50, trace=FALSE)


The arguments formula, weights, data, subset and contrasts have the same meaning as in lm. The arguments y, X and w have the same meaning as in lm.wfit.

formula formula specifying the fixed model.
random vector or factor specifying the blocks corresponding to random effects.
weights optional vector of prior weights.
only.varcomp logical value, if TRUE computation of standard errors and fixed effect coefficients will be skipped
data an optional data frame containing the variables in the model.
subset an optional vector specifying a subset of observations to be used in the fitting process.
contrasts an optional list. See the contrasts.arg argument of model.matrix.default.
tol small positive numeric tolerance, passed to
maxit maximum number of iterations permitted, passed to
trace logical value, passed to If TRUE then working estimates will be printed at each iteration.
y numeric response vector
X numeric design matrix for fixed model
Z numeric design matrix for random effects
w optional vector of prior weights


randomizedBlock and randomizedBlockFit have been renamed to mixedModel2 and mixedModel2Fit respectively.

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