SSmicmen {stats}R Documentation

Michaelis-Menten Model


This selfStart model evaluates the Michaelis-Menten model and its gradient. It has an initial attribute that will evaluate initial estimates of the parameters Vm and K


SSmicmen(input, Vm, K)


input a numeric vector of values at which to evaluate the model.
Vm a numeric parameter representing the maximum value of the response.
K a numeric parameter representing the input value at which half the maximum response is attained. In the field of enzyme kinetics this is called the Michaelis parameter.


a numeric vector of the same length as input. It is the value of the expression Vm*input/(K+input). If both the arguments Vm and K are names of objects, the gradient matrix with respect to these names is attached as an attribute named gradient.


Jose Pinheiro and Douglas Bates

See Also

nls, selfStart


PurTrt <- Puromycin[ Puromycin$state == "treated", ]
SSmicmen( PurTrt$conc, 200, 0.05 )  # response only
Vm <- 200; K <- 0.05
SSmicmen( PurTrt$conc, Vm, K ) # response and gradient
getInitial(rate ~ SSmicmen(conc, Vm, K), data = PurTrt)
## Initial values are in fact the converged values
fm1 <- nls(rate ~ SSmicmen(conc, Vm, K), data = PurTrt)
summary( fm1 )
## Alternative call using the subset argument
fm2 <- nls(rate ~ SSmicmen(conc, Vm, K), data = Puromycin,
           subset = state == "treated")

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