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Deprecated Functions in Stats package


These functions are provided for compatibility with older versions of R only, and may be defunct as soon as the next release.


mauchley.test(object, Sigma = diag(nrow = p),
   T = Thin.row(proj(M) - proj(X)), M = diag(nrow = p), X = ~0,
   idata = data.frame(index = seq(length = p)), ...)


object object of class SSD or mlm
Sigma Matrix to be proportional to
T Transformation matrix. By default computed from M and X
M Formula or matrix describing the outer projection
X Formula or matrix describing the inner projection
idata Data frame describing intra-block design
... For consistency with generic


mauchley.test was a misspelling of Mauchly's name, corrected by the introduction of mauchly.test.

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