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Methods for Function 'plot' in Package 'stats4'


Plot profile likelihoods for "mle" objects.


## S4 method for signature 'profile.mle, missing':
plot(x, levels, conf = c(99, 95, 90, 80, 50)/100, nseg = 50,
     absVal = TRUE, ...)


x an object of class "profile.mle"
levels levels, on the scale of the absolute value of a t statistic, at which to interpolate intervals. Usually conf is used instead of giving levels explicitly.
conf a numeric vector of confidence levels for profile-based confidence intervals on the parameters.
nseg an integer value giving the number of segments to use in the spline interpolation of the profile t curves.
absVal a logical value indicating whether or not the plots should be on the scale of the absolute value of the profile t. Defaults to TRUE.
... other arguments to the plot function can be passed here.


x = "ANY", y = "ANY"
Generic function: see plot.
x = "profile.mle", y = "missing"
Plot likelihood profiles for x.

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