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Functions to construct a widget that takes inputs from users


Given a argument list, the functions construct a widget to allow users to entry or select values for arguments defined by the names of the argument list.


argsWidget(argsList, defaultNames, inst = "")
getPWidget(argsList, PWEnv, inst = "")


argsList argsList a list of arguments with or without default values. The list can be derived from e.g. formals
PWEnv PWEnv an R environment used object to store data for the argument list
toFormat toFormat element to be formated by formatArg
args args arguments to be formated
funcs funcs a list containing the arguments that are functions
defaultNames defaultNames a vector of character strings of length 2 for two default buttons to be rendered. The first one is to end the process and the second to abort the process
inst inst a character string for a short instuction that will appear on the top of a widget


argsWidget builds a widget with widget elements to allow users to input values for the arguments.

getPWidget instatiates primary widgets that will be used to construct the widget for argements.

formatArg formats the value for a given argument so that the calue can be displayed by a tcltk widget.

getSymbol filters out functions from the argument list.

funcs2Char converts functions to character representations of the functions.

getTrueNullNa converts string "true", "false", "null", and "na" to R primitives for these items.


argsWidget returns a list with user input values for elements of the argument list passed.
getPWidget returns a list of primary widgets.
formatArg returns a list containing the formated values.
getSymbol returns a list containing arguments that are functions.
funcs2Char returns a list containing character representations of functions.
getTrueNullNa returns an R object.


The functions are part of the Bioconductor project at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute to provide Bioinformatics functionalities through R


Jianhua Zhang


R tcltk


      argsWidget(list("Entry with default" = "default",
                      "Entry without default" = ""))

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