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A widget that allows users to explore the example code and help files of a given R package


Given a valid package name as a character string, eExplorer collects all the example code from the "R-ex" directory from the R library for that package and then displays the names of the code examples in a list box. When a name in the list box is clicked, the corresponding code will be displayed and users are allowed to execute the code or view the help file for the function the example code is for.


eExplorer(pkgName, font = "arial 13", getFocus = TRUE)
getHelpFile(pkgName, fileName)


pkgName pkgName a character string for the name of an R package of interest. The R package needs to be installed
font font a character string for the font to be used by the widget to display the text. The default is "arial 13"
fileName fileName a character string for the name of a file in "R-ex" with the ".R" extension removed. The file contains a chunk of example code and may have a corrsponding help file in the "help" directory
getFocus getFocus a boolean indicating whether a widget should grab the focus


getExCode and getHelpFile are called by eExplorer to get the code examples or help help files contained by a given package.


eExplorer does not return anything useful.


The functions are part of the Bioconductor project at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute to provide Bioinformatics functionalities through R


Jianhua Zhang


Writing R Extension for information on "R-ex" and "help" directories

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      require("Biobase") || stop("Does not run without Biobase")

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