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Functions to input data for a phenoData object


This functions allow users to read data from an existing file or an R data frame object and use the data frame to construct a phenoData object


importPhenoData(fileName, sampleNames = NULL, from = NULL)
createPData(pdata, varList)
writePDRowNames(pdata, sampleNames)
writePhenoTable(base, textWidget, pdata)
getOBJWidget(type = NULL)
objExists(name, type = NULL)


fileName fileName a character string for the name of a file that is going to be used to build a phenoData object
sampleNames sampleNames a vector of character strings for the names of samples. The length of smapleNames should be the same as the number of rows of an existing file or data frame if a phenoData object is to be created based on a file or data frame
pdata pdata a data frame for the experimental data
base base an RTcl object for the base window a widget resides
textWidget textWidget an RTcl object for a text box widget
phenoList phenoList a list of lists for tclVar() objects
type type a character string for the class of a object e. g. data.frame, phenoData
name name a character string for the name of an object
varList varList a list of characters with names being coavraite names and values being short descriptions of covariate names
from from a character string indicating hwo a phenoData object will be created. "file" - create from an existing file, "object" - create from an existing data frame object, "edit" - create by editing an existing phenoData object, and "new" create a new phenoData object from scratch. NULL or any other values for from will invoke a widget that allows users to select one of the four means from an interface


When import a data frame or phenoData object, the object to be imported should have been stored in .GlobelEnv. All the objects of data frame or phenoData will be made available through a browser.

The main widget if importPhenoData that calls other functions/widgets to have the job done.

Package Biobase is required for importPhenoData but the requirement id not forced as it is the only time the package is used. Uers have to make sure that Biobase is available.


A phenoData object


This function is intended for use by funciton read.phenoData of Biobase


Jianhua Zhang


phenoData class in Biobase



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