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Utilities Creating a Widget With Selection Boxes


These functions create a widget with selection boxes allowing users to view and make selections of items shown on the interface.


listSelect(aList, topLbl = "Select Elements From The Following List",
           typeFun = stdType, valueFun = stdView)
writeSelBox(baseW, aList, typeFun = NULL, valueFun = NULL)
   writeBut(baseW, butList, butWidth = 6)
writeLabel(baseW, typeFun, valueFun)


aList list with names and object pairs (e. g. a = "AAA").
topLbl character string for the text to be shown as a title.
typeFun function that takes an R object as an arguement and returns a description of the object.
valueFun function that takes an R object as an argument and shows the content of the object. The function should get the representation of the object and calls objViewer to have the representation rendered in a widget.
baseW a window widget to which the selection boxes will be put.
butList a list with names and function pairs that define the name and behavior of buttons to be put on the widget to be generated
butWidth numerical value specifying the width of buttons to be created.


Both typeFun and valueFun have to take an argument (the R object to be shown). It works well for the valueFun function to call objViewer() with whatever to be shown passed to objViewer as an argument.


listSelect() returns a list with the names of the R objects in the original list associated with TRUE (selected) or FALSE (deselected).


The functions are part of the Bioconductor project at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute to provide Bioninformatics functionalities through R.


Jianhua Zhang

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aList <- list(a = "AAA", b = c(123, 456, 789),
              c =, ncol = 2)),
              d = stdType)
# Since user interference is required, the example code does not run
# automatically

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