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Simple Interface to enter experimental design information


This function provides a widget for users to enter experimental design MIAME information.




This widget provides an interface to enter experimental information following the MIAME (Minimum Information About a Microarray Experiment) standard.

A draft of the latest document (v. 1.1) is

Brazma et al. divide the MIAME into 6 sections 1. Experimental design, 2. Array design, 3. Samples, 4. Hybridizations, 5. Measurements, and 6. Normalization controls This widget is for the first section. We ask for the user to enter: experimenter name, laboratory, contact information, a single-sentence experiment title, an abstract describing the experiment, URLs. This slot could also include a formal statistical description of the experimental design (e.g. using factors). Some of this info is already stored in phenoData or elsewhere.

The function returns a list that is intended for the creation of an object of class MIAME. However, we return a list so that the function can work independently of the Biobase package.


A list containing entries:

ExperimentName character string
LabName character string
ContactInfo character string
ExperimentTitle character string
Description character string
URL character string


Majnu John


``Minimum information about a microarray experiment (MIAME)-toward standards for microarray data'', A. Brazma, et al., Nature Genetics, vol. 29 (December 2001), pp. 365-371,

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