tkSampleNames {tkWidgets}R Documentation

Simple interface to associate sample names with files


This widget provides an interface to enter names to be associated with files containing array expression information related to a particular sample.


tkSampleNames(..., filenames = character(0))


... the filenames to be associated with a sample name, supplied individually and/or as a character vector
filenames a character vector of filenames to be associated with a sample name.


phenoData-class objects will use sample names as row names for the pData slot. The colnames of the expression matrices in exprSet-class use this as well. Many times, each of these columns are obtained from a file. Rather than use the, sometimes ugly, filename we can use the sample names that this interface associates with each file.

The function returns a character matrix intended to be used to create sample names in phenoData and exprSet. However, the function can be used independetly of the Biobase package.


A character matrix with the first column the filenames the second column the sample names to associate.


Majnu John

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