TkRplot {tkrplot}R Documentation

Tk Rplot


Placing R graphics in a Tk image.


tkrplot(parent, fun, hscale=1, vscale=1)
tkrreplot(lab, fun = lab$fun, hscale=lab$hscale, vscale=lab$vscale)
tkpersp(x,y,z, theta = 30,phi = 30,expand = 0.5, r = sqrt(3), ...)


parent parent of widget window
fun function of no arguments that creates the plot
lab a Tk Rplot label widget
hscale horizontal scale factor for image size
vscale vertical scale factor for image size
x as for persp
y as for persp
z as for persp
theta as for persp
phi as for persp
expand as for persp
r as for persp
... additional arguments for persp


The function tkrplot creates and returns a Tk label widget containing a Tk image of type Rplot. For now the size is hard-wired. The plot is created by calling fun with a special device used create the image.

The function tkrreplot calls fun to place a new plot in the Rplot widget lab.

tkpersp is called like persp but produces a plot in which some of the parameters of persp are controlled graphically.


## Not run: 
## These cannot be run by examples() but should be OK when pasted
## into an interactive R session with the tcltk package loaded

tt <- tktoplevel()
img <-tkrplot(tt, function() plot(1:20,(1:20)^bb))
f<-function(...) {
    b <- as.numeric(tclvalue("bb"))
    if (b != bb) {
        bb <<- b
s <- tkscale(tt, command=f, from=0.05, to=2.00, variable="bb",
             showvalue=FALSE, resolution=0.05, orient="horiz")
## End(Not run)

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