buildVignettes {tools}R Documentation

List and Build Package Vignettes


Run Sweave and texi2dvi on all vignettes of a package.


buildVignettes(package, dir, lib.loc = NULL, quiet = TRUE)
pkgVignettes(package, dir, lib.loc = NULL)


package a character string naming an installed package. If given, Sweave files are searched in subdirectory doc.
dir a character string specifying the path to a package's root source directory. This subdirectory inst/doc is searched for Sweave files.
lib.loc a character vector of directory names of R libraries, or NULL. The default value of NULL corresponds to all libraries currently known. The specified library trees are used to to search for package.
quiet logical. Run Sweave and texi2dvi in quiet mode.


buildVignettes is called for its side effect of creating the PDF versions of all vignettes.
pkgVignettes returns an object of class "pkgVignettes".

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