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Check Foreign Function Calls


Performs checks on calls to compiled code from R code. Currently only whether the interface functions such as .C and .Fortran are called with argument PACKAGE specified, which is highly recommended to avoid name clashes in foreign function calls.


checkFF(package, dir, file, lib.loc = NULL,
        verbose = getOption("verbose"))


package a character string naming an installed package. If given, the installed R code of the package is checked.
dir a character string specifying the path to a package's root source directory. This should contain the subdirectory R (for R code). Only used if package is not given.
file the name of a file containing R code to be checked. Used if neither package nor dir are given.
lib.loc a character vector of directory names of R libraries, or NULL. The default value of NULL corresponds to all libraries currently known. The specified library trees are used to to search for package.
verbose a logical. If TRUE, additional diagnostics are printed (and the result is returned invisibly).


If the package has a namespace and if that contains a useDynLib directive, calls in top-level functions in the package are not reported as their symbols will be preferentially looked up in the DLL named in the first useDynLib directive.


An object of class "checkFF", which currently is a list of the (parsed) foreign function calls with no PACKAGE argument.
There is a print method for nicely displaying the information contained in such objects.


This function is still experimental. Both name and interface might change in future versions.

See Also

.C, .Fortran; Foreign.


checkFF(package = "stats", verbose = TRUE)

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