checkVignettes {tools}R Documentation

Check Package Vignettes


Check all Sweave files of a package by running Sweave and/or Stangle on them. All R source code files found after the tangling step are sourceed to check whether all code can be executed without errors.


checkVignettes(package, dir, lib.loc = NULL, tangle = TRUE,
               weave = TRUE, workdir = c("tmp", "src", "cur"),
               keepfiles = FALSE)


package a character string naming an installed package. If given, Sweave files are searched in subdirectory doc.
dir a character string specifying the path to a package's root source directory. This subdirectory inst/doc is searched for Sweave files.
lib.loc a character vector of directory names of R libraries, or NULL. The default value of NULL corresponds to all libraries currently known. The specified library trees are used to to search for package.
tangle Perform a tangle and source the extraced code?
weave Perform a weave?
workdir Directory used as working directory while checking the vignettes. If "tmp" then a temporary directory is created, this is the default. If "src" then the directory containing the vignettes itself is used, if "cur" then the current working directory of R is used.
keepfiles Delete file in temporary directory? This option is ignored when workdir!="tmp".


An object of class "checkVignettes" which is a list with the error messages found during the tangle and weave steps. There is a print method for nicely displaying the information contained in such objects.

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