delimMatch {tools}R Documentation

Delimited Pattern Matching


Match delimited substrings in a character vector, with proper nesting.


delimMatch(x, delim = c("{", "}"), syntax = "Rd")


x a character vector.
delim a character vector of length 2 giving the start and end delimiters. Future versions might allow for arbitrary regular expressions.
syntax currently, always the string "Rd" indicating Rd syntax (i.e., % starts a comment extending till the end of the line, and \ escapes). Future versions might know about other syntaxes, perhaps via “syntax tables” allowing to flexibly specify comment, escape, and quote characters.


An integer vector of the same length as x giving the starting position (in characters) of the first match, or -1 if there is none, with attribute "match.length" giving the length (in characters) of the matched text (or -1 for no match).

See Also

regexpr for “simple” pattern matching.


x <- c("\value{foo}", "function(bar)")
delimMatch(x, c("(", ")"))

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