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Compile LaTeX Files


Run latex and bibtex until all cross-references are resolved and create either a dvi or PDF file.


texi2dvi(file, pdf = FALSE, clean = FALSE, quiet = TRUE,
         texi2dvi = getOption("texi2dvi"))


file character. Name of TeX source file.
pdf logical. If TRUE, a PDF file is produced insted of the default dvi file (texi2dvi command line option --pdf).
clean logical. If TRUE, all auxiliary files are removed (texi2dvi command line option --clean). Does not work on some platforms.
quiet logical. No output unless an error occurs.
texi2dvi character (or NULL). Script or program used to compile a TeX file to dvi or PDF, respectively. If set to NULL, the ‘texi2dvi’ script in R's ‘bin’ directory is used (if it exists), otherwise it is assumed that texi2dvi is in the search path.


Some TeX installations do not have ‘texi2dvi.exe’. If ‘texify.exe’ is present, then it can be used instead: set options(texi2dvi="texify.exe") or to the full path of the program.


Achim Zeileis

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