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Retrieve Dependency Information for a Vignette


Given a vignette name, will create a DependsList object that reports information about the packages the vignette depends on.


vignetteDepends(vignette, recursive = TRUE, reduce = TRUE,
                local = TRUE, lib.loc = NULL)


vignette The path to the vignette source
recursive Whether or not to include indirect dependencies
reduce Whether or not to collapse all sets of dependencies to a minimal value
local Whether or not to search only locally
lib.loc What libraries to search in locally


If recursive is TRUE, any package that is specified as a dependency will in turn have its dependencies included (and so on), these are known as indirect dependencies. If recursive is FALSE, only the dependencies directly named by the vignette will be used.

If local is TRUE, the system will only look at the user's local machine and not online to find dependencies.

If reduce is TRUE, the system will collapse the fields in the DependsList to the minimal set of dependencies (for instance if the dependencies were ('foo', 'foo (>= 1.0.0)', 'foo (>= 1.3.0)'), the return value would be 'foo (>= 1.3.0)').


An object of class DependsList


Jeff Gentry

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