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Plotting Spectral Densities


Plotting method for objects of class "spec". For multivariate time series it plots the marginal spectra of the series or pairs plots of the coherency and phase of the cross-spectra.


## S3 method for class 'spec':
plot(x, add = FALSE, ci = 0.95, log = c("yes", "dB", "no"),
     xlab = "frequency", ylab, type = "l", ci.col = "blue",
     main = NULL, sub = NULL,
     plot.type = c("marginal", "coherency", "phase"),
     ci.lty = 3, ...)


x an object of class "spec".
add logical. If TRUE, add to already existing plot.
ci Coverage probability for confidence interval. Plotting of the confidence bar is omitted unless ci is strictly positive.
log If "dB", plot on log10 (decibel) scale (as S-PLUS), otherwise use conventional log scale or linear scale. Logical values are also accepted. The default is "yes" unless options(ts.S.compat = TRUE) has been set, when it is "dB".
xlab the x label of the plot.
ylab the y label of the plot.
type the type of plot to be drawn, defaults to lines.
ci.col Colour for plotting confidence bar or confidence intervals for coherency and phase.
main overall title for the plot.
sub a sub title for the plot.
plot.type For multivariate time series, the type of plot required. Only the first character is needed.
ci.lty line type for confidence intervals for coherency and phase.
... Further graphical parameters.

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