sunspot {ts}R Documentation

Yearly Sunspot Data, 1700-1988, and Monthly Sunspot Data, 1749-1997


Monthly and yearly number of sunspots.




The univariate time series sunspot.year and sunspot.month contain 289 and 2988 observations, respectively. The objects are of class "ts".


Monthly data: Sunspot Index Data Center, World Data Center-C1 For Sunspot Index Royal Observatory of Belgium, Av. Circulaire, 3, B-1180 BRUSSELS

Yearly data: H. Tong (1996) Non-Linear Time Series. Clarendon Press, Oxford, p. 471.


Becker, R. A., Chambers, J. M. and Wilks, A. R. (1988) The New S Language. Wadsworth & Brooks/Cole.

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sunspot.month is a longer version of sunspots in base R, that runs until 1988.


## Compare the monthly series from 'base' and 'ts':
data(sunspots, package = "base")
data(sunspot,  package = "ts")
plot (sunspot.month, main = "sunspot.month [ts]", col = 2)
lines(sunspots) # "very barely" see something

## Now look at the difference :
all(tsp(sunspots)     [c(1,3)] ==
    tsp(sunspot.month)[c(1,3)]) ## Start & Periodicity are the same
n1 <- length(sunspots)
table(eq <- sunspots == sunspot.month[1:n1]) #>  132  are different !
i <- which(!eq) 
s1 <- sunspots[i] ; s2 <- sunspot.month[i]
cbind(i = i, sunspots = s1, ss.month = s2,
      perc.diff = round(100*2*abs(s1-s2)/(s1+s2), 1))

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