installed.packages {utils}R Documentation

Find Installed Packages


Find (or retrieve) details of all packages installed in the specified libraries.


installed.packages(lib.loc = NULL, priority = NULL, noCache = FALSE)


lib.loc character vector describing the location of R library trees to search through.
priority character vector or NULL (default). If non-null, used to select packages; "high" is equivalent to c("base", "recommended"). To select all packages without an assigned priority use priority = "NA".
noCache Do not use cached information.


installed.packages scans the ‘DESCRIPTION’ files of each package found along lib.loc and returns a matrix of package names, library paths and version numbers.

Note: this works with package names, not bundle names.

The information found is cached (by library) for the R session, and updated only if the top-level library directory has been altered, for example by installing or removing a package. If the cached information becomes confused, it can be refreshed by running installed.packages(noCache = TRUE).


A matrix with one row per package, row names the package names and column names "Package", "LibPath", "Version", "Priority", "Bundle", "Contains", "Depends", "Suggests", "Imports" and "Built" (the R version the package was built under).

See Also

update.packages, INSTALL, REMOVE.


str(ip <- installed.packages(priority = "high"))
ip[, c(1,3:5)]

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