sagmbSimulateData {vsn}R Documentation

Simulate data and assess vsn's parameter estimation


Functions to validate and assess the performance of vsn through simulation of data.


sagmbSimulateData(n=8064, d=2, de=0, up=0.5, nrstrata=1)
sagmbAssess(h1, sim)


n Numeric. Number of probes (rows).
d Numeric. Number of arrays (columns).
de Numeric. Fraction of differentially expressed genes.
up Numeric. Fraction of up-regulated genes among the differentially expressed genes.
nrstrata Numeric. Number of probe strata.
h1 Matrix. Calibrated and transformed data, according, e.g., to vsn
sim List. The output of a previous call to sagmbSimulateData, see Value


Please see the vignette.


For sagmbSimulateData, a list with four components: hy, an n x d matrix with the true (=simulated) calibrated, transformed data; y, an n x d matrix with the simulated uncalibrated raw data - this is intended to be fed into vsn;, a logical vector of length n, specifying which probes are simulated to be differentially expressed. strata, a factor of length n.
For sagmbSimulateData, a number: the root mean squared difference between true and estimated transformed data.


Wolfgang Huber


Wolfgang Huber, Anja von Heydebreck, Holger Sueltmann, Annemarie Poustka, and Martin Vingron (2003) "Parameter estimation for the calibration and variance stabilization of microarray data", Statistical Applications in Genetics and Molecular Biology: Vol. 2: No. 1, Article 3.

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  sim <- sagmbSimulateData(nrstrata=4)
  ny  <- vsn(sim$y, strata=sim$strata)
  res <- sagmbAssess(exprs(ny), sim)

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