makeViewer {widgetTools}R Documentation

Put a Scrollable List Box into a tkWidget.


This function associates a tk listbox with a scroll bar and then puts them into a given tk widget.


makeViewer(target, vWidth = "", vHeight = "", hScroll = FALSE,
vScroll = TRUE, what = "list", side = "left", text = "")


target tk widget that can accommodate a list box.
vWidth, vHeight integers giving width and height of the listbox.
hScroll, vScroll logicals indicating whether a horizontal or vertical scroll bar should be associated with the list box.
what A character string indicating the type of the viewer to be put on a widget. Valid types include "list" for list box, "canvas", and "text" for text box
side A character string for the geometry management of the viewer on the widget. Valid values include "left", "right", "top", and "bottom"
text A character string to be displayed


Tk list boxes (or canvas, text box) and scroll bars are separate widgets. This function provides a common interface to put them together and functionally associated.


This function does not return any value.


This function is part of the Bioconductor project at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute to provide Bioinformatics functionalities through R.


Jianhua (John) Zhang

See Also

tklistbox (from the ‘tcltk’ package).


## Not run: 
    ## These cannot be run by examples() but should be OK when pasted
    ## into an interactive R session with the widgetTools package loaded
    # Create a top level window and put a list box in it
    base <- tktoplevel()
    listBox <- makeViewer(base)

    # Destroy toplevel widget
    # tkdestroy(base)
 ## End(Not run)

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