oneVScrList {widgetTools}R Documentation

A function that creates a groups of list boxes sharing a single vertical scroll bar


This function creates a group of list boxes what share a common vertical scroll bar. Values in all the list boxes scroll up or down when the scroll bar is dragged


oneVScrList(base, data)


base base a tkwin object that will be the container of the list boxes to be created
data data a matrix with data to be put in the list boxes


The matrix should have names for its columns. The names of the list boxes to be created will be the same as the corresponding columns of the matrix.

Data in the list boxes can be sorted based on values in any of the list boxes.


This function returns a list containing the tkwin objects of the list boxes created.


This function is part of the Bioconductor project at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute to provide Bioinformatics functionalities through R


Jianhua Zhang



See Also

dropdownList, tooltip


    ## Not run: 
        ## These cannot be run by examples() but should be OK when pasted
        ## into an interactive R session with the widgetTools package loaded
        testData <- matrix(c(1:50, 100:51), ncol = 2)
        colnames(testData) <- c("Column 1", "Column 2")
        base <- tktoplevel()
        tt <- oneVScrList(base, testData)

        # Destroy toplevel widget
        # tkdestroy(base)
    ## End(Not run)

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