xenopuslaevisGRIF {xenopuslaevis}R Documentation

Mappings between probe identifiers and the PubMed identifiers for the publication where functional annotation of genes corresponding to the probe ids were made


NCBI http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/projects/GeneRIF/GeneRIFhelp.html allows users to add functional annotation of genes by providing a PubMed identifier for the publication where the annotation was initially made and a concise phrase describing the function. xenopuslaevisGRIF maps probe identifiers to the PubMed identifiers for the publication reporting the functions of genes corresponding to the probe identifiers


Probe ids are only mapped to the PubMed ids. Efforts are being made to also include the concise phrase describing the function of a gene.

Mappings were based on data provided by:

LocusLink:ftp://ftp.ncbi.nih.gov/refseq/LocusLink/LL_tmpl.gz. Built: September 16, 2004

Package built: Fri Sep 17 09:04:28 2004




    # Convert the environment to a list
    xx <- as.list(xenopuslaevisGRIF)
    # Remove probe ids that do not map to any PubMed id
    xx <- xx[!is.na(xx)]
    if(length(xx) > 0){
        # The unique PubMed ids for the first two elements of XX
        # Get the first one

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